Student Services

  1. Bullet  Mrs. Shannon Grieve, 9th A-Z [email]

  2. Bullet  Mr. David Glenn, 10-12th A-B [email]

  3. Bullet  Mr. Matt Mindel, 10-12th C-G [email]

  4. Bullet  Mrs. Sonya Sutter, 10-12th H-Mb [email]

  5. Bullet  Mrs. Jan Bornstein, 10-12th Mc-R [email]

  6. Bullet  Ms. Jill Snyder, 10-12th S-Z [email]

Additional Student Services Personnel

  1. Bullet  Dr. Tina DeForge, Psychologist [email]

  2. Bullet  Mr. OJ O’Neil, PPW [email]

  3. Bullet  Mr. Michael Williams, Security Guard [email]

  4. Bullet  Mrs. Sharon Flanagan, Secretary [email]

  5. Bullet  Mrs. Jeri St. John, Registrar [email]

  6. Bullet  Mrs. Peg Miller, Registrar [email]

Important Information

  1. Bullet To proceed to the Student Services Website click here.

  2. Bullet ** Please Allow 2 Days for Completion **  Work Permits -

  3. Bullet  Instructions for obtaining work permits can be downloaded here.

  4. Bullet Career Academy Website